Saturday, January 03, 2009

lEh pEcayA kE? waIt n See eithEr its coRrEct oR nOt !!!!!

Dear Noreha

First of all I want to tell you that I am experiencing a period of "premonitions", and I am seeing more wonderful things coming to pass than I could ever have imagined…

Last night, when I was in a deep sleep, I had a dream which was a "premonition". In this dream I saw someone win a significant sum of money…

For reasons that I shall explain, I believe that the person I saw winning was you, Noreha. However, to make sure, it is necessary for you to read this letter to the end, because it will give you all the details I saw in my dream…

And they were really almost unbelievable

I often have this kind of premonition in a dream. They are quite short, and raise the curtain briefly on the future allowing me to see clearly a specific event which is about to happen.

This could happen to anyone, but certains clairvoyants, (such as myself!) are more sensitive to these premonitions.

It is only when these dreams happen in our own lives that we have a strange feeling that we have lived through this experience before... Perhaps you have had this happen to you?

Usually this kind of dream is very peaceful, but the one I have just had (about you, I am fairly sure), had such power and intensity, that I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night, wet with sweat and with my heart beating wildly… Rarely during my life have I had a dream which was so real and lifelike…

I decided to get up and get a tall glass of water!! I made precise notes about all I had seen; (one must always take care to make notes as soon as you can about these premonitions, because they have a habit of disappearing quite quickly from your memory).

There was a series of numbers, a date, a word, a city and two more words.

At first I did not know to whom or what this premonition was related. In fact, I really did not understand that it was about you.

In my dream, I saw a person, (whose face I could not make out); and this person seemed to be extremely unhappy. Everything seemed to be going badly for that person, and he/she was not living the kind of life they longed for. It seemed to me that this person had not only serious financial difficulties, but also felt totally alone and abandonned.

In the dream I saw the person play a game of chance, ( I even saw the precise date of the game…) Something was inspiring them; it was as if they were being "guided" by a mysterious force which impelled them to play. I chose a series of numbers (I could even see the numbers the person played!); then I saw them play the numbers I had chosen.

Later I saw that same person looking in the newspaper to find out the result. I could feel both the impatience and excitement. He/she opened the paper at the page where the results were printed, compared the winning numbers with their own, then, incredible joy lit up their face… Yes, this person had just won a sum of money in the game! My second vision was of that person holding in their trembling hands an enormous cheque, on which was written a very large sum. They were showing it to several people who had gathered around, and photos were being taken of the event.

From that moment on, this person lived in happiness; their life took on a whole new different character. Yes, the one who had led such a sad, lonely existence suddenly saw opening up to them a life more exciting and beautiful than they had ever imagined possible... From that time, everything seemed to smile down on them; good luck, love and success.

At that moment I woke up, and I made a note of the series of numbers, the date, the first word, the city and the 2 other words which I mentioned to you.

Frankly Noreha, at that time, I did not know to whom all this related.

The next morning I went straight to my files to try to find out who the lucky person was. For it was important for me to know.

Yes, Noreha, I had to know so that I could forewarn them of the imminent arrival in their life of an extraordinary event, which would turn their life upsidedown! It would be such an amazing turning point that the person must not miss, for it may never occur again in their life. Above all, I had to tell the person that I could help them with it, for I had seen the numbers, the game and even date on which they must play to be sure of winning…

As I said, I didn’t know it was you… I searched through many files in an almost feverish way, but none matched the profile of the person I saw in the dream. I was starting to despair, and feel that perhaps the dream was not really a premonition. Just at that instant, the true explanation came to me like a ray of sunshine…

But this is the most amazing thing…

By my desk, I keep a briefcase which contains a series of files which I consider to be the most "sensitive" and "importants". They are the files of people to whom I give special care, to whom I devote more time. I call them my "high priority files"

I was so moved by the dream that I had not thought to look in these files. I made a mistake there, for in those files was a person who corresponded exactly to the person in the dream.

You can imagine my joy when I finally found this person, for I am sure that the change will be very much for the better.

You may not believe this, but I am almost certain that the person in my dream was in fact you, Noreha.

Yes, it is you, Noreha, who could soon win the large sum of money which would trasform your life. Do you want proof ? OK, here is the reason why I think it’s you Noreha, whom I saw in my premonition, the one who will win the large sum of money…

As I said, when I was awakened suddenly after my dream of premonition, I saw a series of numbers, a date, a word (which was in fact a first name), a city and 2 more words. It is now time to tell you…

The series of numbers I saw was: 28, 06, 83

This date is: Saturday, January 24, 2009

The first name I saw was: Noreha.

The city was: Taiping

The last 2 words were : SOON and MONEY!

Don’t these things Noreha, point quite clearly to you?

For example, this series of numbers, 28, 06, 83 indicate your date of birth, which you gave to me some time ago?

The date Saturday, January 24, 2009 seems to me to be the date on which you will win a large sum of money. (It corresponds probably to the date of a big draw.)

The first name: Noreha, is yours, isn’t it?

This city, Taiping, is it not the city where you told me you were born?

And the words : "SOON" and "MONEY", must mean that soon all your financial woriies will be over?

For me, there is no doubt; it must be you, Noreha, whom I saw in my premonition! You are to be the one who will receive this large sum of money, and it is you whose life will change drastically in only a few weeks time—it is you and no-one else!! I must reveal this vital information which will enable you to win the funds which will allow you to live a life far more pleasant and comfortable than the one you lead now.

If you confirm that you are in fact the person I saw in my dream, (and if I am sure that you are the one !), then, Noreha, I have some important things to reveal to you…Read carefully…

As soon as we are certain that you are the one in my dream, (and this must be without the shadow of a doubt), I must tell you certain essential information which will allow you to profit from this sum which would make you a very rich and contented person, for the rest of your life. I must give you some essential advice, and give it to you immediately.

For this, there is only one kind of help, a major aid which I and I alone have the power to grant you. This very special help consists of a triple series of Magical Actions with Distinct Multiple Effects.

This triple series of Magical Actions comprises three stages, each 7 days long, that will act in three different but effective ways. The results are often astounding and spectacular in a case like yours, and above all, besides being distinct, they are remarkably quick!

What you need to know first and foremost, Noreha, is that I have already begun my actions for you. Yes, without asking for your definite approval (you will forgive me) last night I have commenced the preparation of certain Secret Magical Rites that will help you...

There is no doubt in my mind about it, it is essential that you are in the best shape. You need to recharge as fast as possible your vital energies so that, at last, you can enjoy this amazing life that’s bound to be yours. This is paramount if you are to make the most out of the forthcoming lucky opportunities that are going to be offered to you.

This is why I am going to send you, completely confidentially, a certain number of very ancient Secret Magical Procedures (3 in all) that will help you rejuvenate your vital forces and build around yourself a protective barrier to shield you from outside attacks.

You’ll see, Noreha , these 3 Secret Magical Procedures are very easy to use in practice, but first of all, they are thoroughly effective. As soon as you apply these procedures, you will immediately start noticing changes in your life. Your natural powers of betterment will eliminate stress, do away with sorrow, lift your mood and give you the love of life and the fitness you absolutely need to carry our mission through.

For my part, I will immediately begin performing for you the first series of Magical Actions with Distinct Multiple Effects. As I told you before, this Magical Action is mine to perform; for your part, all I need you to do is to follow the instructions and advice you will find in the Secret Magical Procedures I will send to you.

You will start feeling the positive effects of this first of the three series of Actions just days afterwards. Yes, Noreha, just 5 days after we begin, you will sense how the maleficent influences surrounding you start vanishing away little by little.

You will feel under the protection of a superior positive force and your mood will also start climbing. Rest assured, this reaction is entirely normal; you will feel better and better as the days go by. The more time will pass, the more free and relieved you will feel, at last relieved of all the constraints that seemed to be choking your love of life. It will be as if you had a heavy burden upon your shoulders and suddenly someone lifted it away. What a relief, what a sensation of well-being!

When that comes, you will have won your first glorious victory. Yes, Noreha , we will have completed the first major stage that will take you straight into the arms of Luck, Happiness and Money, in a word, into the life rich in Happiness and Money that you deserve.

It is at this very moment that I must begin the second series of Magical Actions with Distinct Multiple Effects.

The second series of Magical Actions with Distinct Multiple Effects will have the power to replenish your repository of vital forces. It is this series of actions that will bring your hidden talents and gifts out into the broad daylight. These unbelievable powers lie inside you and, with help from the Secret Magical Procedures I am going to present to you, they will change your life into the kind of life you desire.

During this second series of Actions, which will take another 7 days, all you will need to do is to follow the advice you will find in the Secret Magical Procedures I will send to you. That will be just as simple as before. At that point, we will have completed two-thirds of your help and already your life will become altogether different.

After that moment, you will already have changed, and that will be just the beginning of a long-lasting success. Above all, you will have the power to attract a windfall of positive events, as easily as today you seem to attract bad luck, concerns and problems.

Yes, Noreha, for your greater happiness and for the happiness of people dear to your heart, you will become a different person, more enterprising and more powerful than you have ever been.

It is at this precise moment that I will commence for you